why is crying yogi adhiytanath in the india parliyament ?

Uttar Pradesh’s new chief minister Yogi Adityanath once again, while describing the vandalism of the UP police in the Lok Sabha, Yogi, who was counted among the aggressive BJP leaders, considered the patron of the intense and aggressive Hindutva, started crying loudly in the Adityanath Lok Sabha. In 2006, the Yogi started crying while mentioning the police torture in the Lok Sabha, Mulayam Singh Yadav was the UP CM of UP.
Yogi Adityanath publicly campaigned through election meetings in Western UP with full force. The result was that BJP occupied all the assembly seats in Gorakhpur while the entire state wrested saffron all over by securing 325 seats in the entire state.
In 2006, when BJP MP from Gorakhpur Yogi Adityanath had got special permission from the Speaker to hold his talk, communal violence spread in many towns of Purvanchal, when Adityanath stood up to keep his word, he started crying for some time. Until he could say anything and when he said, the government of Samajwadi Party of Uttar Pradesh is plotting against him and he is in danger of being killed.
Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee had told that after going to Gorakhpur, he was arrested on the charge of disturbing peace and in which case he could be kept shut for only 12 hours, 11 days in that case.
It was started after the assassination of Azamgarh student leader of Azamgarh in Purvanchal. It is said that Ajit Singh was going to join the program along with his convoy on the thirteenth day of Ajit Singh. Yogi’s convoy was attacked in
In this attack, the Yogi was completely surrounded. Many supporters of the Yogi were shocked. To save the life of the Yogi, his bodyguard had to firing. A young man was killed in the attacking firing during the firing, after Azamgarh and nearby In this area, the case had taken communal color, after this incident there were many suitors of the Yogi and above them.
At that time the police had started pouring PAC many times at the Yogi’s whereabouts. The supporters of the Yogis were sent to a large number of prisoners. The Yogi had left their village due to the police fear and then the Yogi had his suffering Lok Sabha During the description of terrorism and torture of the police, the Yogis were weeping in the House.

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